About Dafna

Dafna Shoes — Company Profile


The Dafna Shoe Company was established in 1964 in the Upper Galilee and today is owned by “Teva Naot.” Dafna specializes in the production of riding boots, Scout shoes, house slippers, sandals and clogs, using the advanced technology of plastic injection molding combined with various textile materials.
Over the years, our riding boots and Scout shoes have become our flagship products which were originally created for their functionality for workers and the military. But through the years, they have gone through a metamorphosis and taken on a design twist that has made them an urbane, chic and desirable item for young (and those who feel young) fashion lovers all over the world.
Today, Dafna offers dozens of classic and variously changing models created in monochromic colors that are widely loved by the public. Along with this, we have designed breakthrough models with bright colors, varied textures, and contemporary designs that change from season to season and with international fashion trends.